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07 April, 2008

Goodbye Mr. Heston

One of my hero's went home to be with the Lord today. He will not only be remembered for the roles that he played in epic motion pictures, but also for bucking the liberal norm in Hollywood.

He was married to his wife for 64 years and was not shy about his faith.

He started out as a liberal Democrat and in the 80's he changed parties and embraced conservative values. He was "my" president during the dark Clinton years as he presided over the NRA from 1998 until he announced his diagnosis with Alzheimer's in 2003.

Actor George Clooney joked about Heston's failing health saying that Heston "announced again today that he is suffering from Alzheimer's". When he was questioned about this statement he said that Heston deserved whatever was said about him for his involvement with the NRA.
Heston's always dignified response was that Clooney lacked class and that he felt sorry for him. He said that Clooney had as much of a chance at developing the disease as anyone else.

He was my hero because he swam upstream in the sewer that is Hollywood and still smelled good when he got out. He will go down in history in my mind at least, as one of the great conservatives along side Reagan. I'm sure they are having a wonderful reunion at this moment.

I will miss you Mr. Heston. Thanks for all you have done.

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