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03 April, 2008

Let's Talk Bikes

Harley just came out with two new soft tail models; The Rocker and the Crossbones.

The Rocker is truly striking. It is Harley's attempt at making a production / custom model. It has a bit more forward rake on the front end and the paint options are absolutely beautiful. The only thing I have to question is the flip up passenger seat. It actually hides under the main seat and hinges back to accommodate a second rider. Cute idea, but that passenger will probably feel as if they are sitting on the small end of a baseball bat. Other than that this is an out of the park home run for HD.

Now the Crossbones. I'm not sure what they were shooting for here but they didn't hit anything. I saw one in my local dealership, and I found myself walking around it many times trying to figure out what it was. It has a springer front end which looks good on anything, but other than that it looks like they were trying to go for some kind of a retro look and just wound up with a mess. The little fat tire on the front looks way out of place. As I understand it you have the choice of any color scheme you wish as long as it's black. That being said though you do have the choice between gloss and flat. I thought maybe if I stood and stared at it long enough it would grow on me and I might start to like it...didn't happen

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