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29 June, 2008

Well it finally happened...I have a JOB!
After much searching and pavement-pounding I have landed what I hope will be a very rewarding and lucrative opportunity.
I answered what looked like a different sort of ad in the Tribune, interveiwed, and accepted a job that I would never have guessed I would ever be doing.
I will be employed by StoneMor LLC, owner and operators of Highland Cemetery in South Bend. My official job title will be 'Family Services Counselor' (read, salesman). I will be assisting families in the 'at-need' and 'pre-need' planning of funeral arrangements for their loved ones as well as themselves. This will involve picking the right plot, casket, vault, and headstone/marker as well as arranging the internment service.
This is a totally resession-free industry as well as being extremely stable. I will be putting my customer service skills and compassion to use as I help these families during a most difficult time, and I am looking forward to the challenge of learning an entirely new industry. The people that I will be working with and for seem really great and there is plenty of room for advancement in the company as well. It is a suit and tie job, but I guess I can get used to that.
Most of all I'm so glad to be rid of the RV industry with it's market volatility and uncertainty.
I will be starting July 14th and am looking forward to a very rewarding carreer.

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