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09 November, 2008


I have someone I would like to introduce...

His name is Carl and he is a 6 month old Tabby. He recently joined the fam and he is really a hoot. This guy doesn't know a stranger and his hobbies include, but are not limited to:
Purring continuously, carrying his toys around the house, driving Newman crazy, and contributing to the litter box at least every 15 minutes.
I got him from one of my accounts (Chapel Hill Cemetery) where he and his siblings lived in the maintenance building. During my first visit there, I was informed that a lady came by, picked up all of the kittens, took them to get spayed / neutered and their shots and brought them back. The grounds keepers were trying to find homes for them and when this little guy wouldn't leave me alone during my visits there, I thought maybe we could find a place for him. Sherry wasn't so sure at first and wasn't real thrilled with the whole orientation process (which included cleaning up a few messes until he got the hang of using litter). He is very adventurous and active, which Newman (and Sherry) isn't used to, and while Carl would love to play with Newman, Newman will have none of it. I suppose when some of the kitten in him wears off and he settles down a bit, Newman will change his mind regarding their relationship. I think Sherry has.
Until then, Carl is a kitten who just loves life and thinks that each day that comes is another opportunity to enjoy his toys, his people and his litter box.

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