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06 November, 2008

Goodbye Charlie

I had a dear brother go home to be with the Lord today. His name is Charlie. He was pretty quiet for the most part. Didn't say a whole lot, but then he didn't have to...

When he gave you that big smile through that salt and pepper beard of his, his eyes lit up at the same time. I can almost imagine that Jesus had those same eyes that lit up when someone said something funny, or when a child wanted to be picked up.

When he gave you one of his bear hugs, you knew you were loved. A hug made of black leather. I'll just bet that it would be the same way Jesus would give a hug. One of those hugs that ended with a reassuring pat on the back so that you knew he meant it and that he was really glad to see you.

When he listened, he listened intently, his eyes didn't wander, instead they looked deep into the soul as you pour out your heart. The look on his face was one of genuine compassion and caring. He didn't just say, "I'll pray for you brother", he did it...right then, right there. It wasn't just because it was the Christian thing to do, it was real... really, really, real.

He was a leader. Not the kind that you follow because you have to, but because you want to. You knew that wherever he led you, it would be a good place to be. He was the kind of leader that you could trust. Where ever he led you, you knew that God would be there waiting for you to arrive.

I can almost see him now, with a beard that was neatly and lovingly trimmed by his wife a few days ago, standing on an emerald street dressed in new leather embracing Jesus. I'm sure that Jesus built him a mansion with an attached garage for his new Harley. I hope that maybe someday we could even ride together again if heaven has motorcycles. If not, I'll just be content, when I see him again, to see his smile, feel his hug and smell the leather as he wecomes me home.

I'll miss you buddy, but I'll see you soon...I love you.

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