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15 May, 2008

Now what, God?

I apologize to both of my regular readers for not posting for so long. The main reason is that I just haven't felt up to it.
The truth is, that I was laid off from my job of 13 years last Thursday. Anyone that has a pulse and has put gas in their tank knows how bad things are right now. It has hit the RV industry severely as people are pulling in their spending for toys right now.
It's really weird though, I'm really not afraid...concerned, yes, but not afraid. Sherry and I have gone into 'maintenance mode' with our finances, so we have a bit of a cushion, but even more than that, I'm finding out that I didn't loose my job because my boss picked me to go. Actually he had nothing to do with it. God had to give him permission before it could happen. (I'm sure that my boss would dispute that, but that's his problem.)
The phone calls of support and job leads, and the e-mails of encouragement have been very overwhelming and humbling. It feels so great to be loved by so many.
I have no idea what's next. That's probably a good thing... because I know that God does.