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19 February, 2009

Lone Survivor...

I just finished one of the best books I have ever read in my life.
I like to read, but mostly periodicals and the reader's digest. Normally I just don't have the attention span to sit through an entire book...unless it is incredible enough to hold my attention.
This book was.
It is called Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. He is a Navy SEAL with an incredible story to tell. He takes you through the rigorous training that it takes to be a member of one of Americas elite fighting forces. He explains the frustration of being hog-tied by a Liberal media that just can't wait to portray our military as savage and inhumane killers because they are too stupid to see the big picture (my words not his, but close.)
He tells the story of he and 3 of his dearest friends as they experience the onslaught of an entire company of Taliban fighters, and after decimating many of them, he alone survives to document the bravery of his SEAL brothers as they gave their all for our country.
Even though this happened a couple of years ago he is still living with the physical and emotional scars of that battle, as well as a deep and passionate love for his country.
I was impressed by their honor, bravery, tenacity, and willingness never to give up both in SEAL training and on the battlefield.
In speaking about the constant pressure of our liberal media and politicians ready to condemn them at every turn he says:
"...I ask myself, who's prepared to go furthest to win this war? Answer: They [al Qaeda] are. They'll willingly die to get their enemy. They will take it to the limit, any time, any place, whatever it takes. And they don't have rules of engagement.
Thus we have an extra element of fear and danger when we go into combat against [them]- the fear of our own, the fear that our own navy judge advocate general might rule against us, the fear of the American media and their unfortunate effect on American politicians. We all harbor fears about untrained, half-educated journalists who only want a good story to justify their expense accounts. We all detest them, partly for their lack of judgement, mostly because of their ignorance and toe-curling opportunism..."
This was written before we had a new Commander-in-Chief who doesn't have a clue what he is doing...it would be interesting to get his take on that!
This book is a must read for those that want the inside story on why we are really over there from someone who knows first hand, and bears the scars to proove it.

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