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07 March, 2009

It's in the air...

These last few days have been awesome. The weather has been warmer and with it is the hint of Spring. Ah yes...Spring...when every bikers fancy turns to MOTORCYCLES! I already took my first spin and MAN did that feel good. This afternoon I did the dreaded job of a complete fluid change on the whole bike. That is the only time when I wish I DIDN'T own a Harley. The designers at Harley Davidson were not smart enough to have the engine, transmission, and primary all fill and drain from the same place. They have three different chambers, each having their own fill and drain, and all taking different types of fluid, unless you use a certain type which can be used in all of them. YUK!

Oh well...it's done now, and I can enjoy my Summer knowing that I am properly lubricated...well...ok...the bike is.

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