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01 April, 2009

Poor Ingrid...

Our narcissistic Pharisee, Ingrid Schlueter is at it again. Criticising something that she knows nothing about. In some respects I should probably thank her for promoting the GCC Easter services on her site. I just can't help but laugh at her and shake my head when I marvel at her ignorance and her self-righteous blather.

While I will admit that there are some churches who may be a bit over the top in their methods for my taste (in my humble opinion) far be it from me to judge their hearts or their ability to reach people who would never put on a suit and tie to to feel accepted in her church. I have seen their web site and quite frankly, I'm not sure what she has to be so uppity about. While I'm sure that they are probably sincere, and may even be theologically correct to a point, the place looks like a real snoozer. The next time I get to Milwaukee to visit the Harley factory, I would like to visit there in my leather jacket, boots and chaps just to see what kind of reception I would get.

I guess I'll just say, "quit getting your panties in a wad, sister", and mind your own business. Trust me on this...you're no better than anybody else...no really...you're not...maybe just more pathetic.

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