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08 April, 2009

You Blew it Rick...

I heard about this interview and found it on You Tube.
I have to say that I am disappointed in Rick's response to King's question. When King asked if he was anti-gay marriage Warren said that he was not an anti-gay marriage activist.

He did state that he feels marriage should be between one man and one woman...OK, but I feel he side-stepped taking a position on the Iowa judicial system going against the will of the people and forcing the state to legalize homosexual marriage. I understand to a point when members of the clergy try to stay politically neutral, but this issue goes beyond politics into the realm of legalizing and accepting blatant immorality. We already have enough immoral laws on the books without speaking out against more. This would have been the perfect opportunity to take the same stand that Jesus would on this issue.

One reason we are in the mess we are in is because of wishy-washy Christians who refuse to take a stand, and yes, I think Warren fell into this category this time.

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