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17 April, 2009

13 April, 2009

Now THAT'S a hero!

As I was in the truck today I was listening to one of my favorite talk-show hosts say that we need to acknowledge the great way that Comrade Hussein (my words, not his) handled the safe return of the freighter captain who was kidnapped 5 days ago. I about went off the road as I listened to someone whom I generally agree with 99.9% of the time make such a statement.
I looked directly at the radio and said out loud, "What choice did he have? You don't get credit for using a tragic situation to make yourself look good!"
As I see it, he was purposely distancing himself from it while it was happening, so that if it went bad he wouldn't get the blame. Since everything turned out fine he and his liberal media lap dogs were Johnny-on-the-spot to make sure that BO got the credit.

I can almost picture it now, the phone rings at 3 AM in the White House bedroom. Michelle wakes up after the 4th ring and punches BO. "Are you going to get that or just let it ring all night? I just got the girls and that stupid puppy of theirs asleep a while ago and if they wake up I'm gonna kill you."
BO gets up and slides into his bunny slippers and promptly trips over the ears as he makes his way to the phone. "Hello? Rahm is that you? What the hell do you want at this hour? You know I almost broke my neck getting over to the phone? I figured it was probably Nancy again bugging me about whether or not she should get a face lift...not that it would help...what? Say that again...you don't say...they got a freighter captain? And...they have guns...with bullets. Oh s***, what do we do now? Uhh...call 911...wait! We can't do that...Uhh...does anybody have any ideas? Get Bush on the line...What? We got what...vipers? Why do we want to throw snakes at 'em?...... Oh...SNIPERS...they can...? Well if you already had it figured out what did you wake me up for?.... Yeah, tell 'em I said 'whatever'...now let me go back to bed..."
As he gets ready to get back into bed Michelle says,"What's that smell? And why are your pajama bottoms all wet?"
"Uhh...I had to go and didn't get to the bathroom in time...Yeah, that's it... I'll go change...change is good..."

The real heros are the U.S. Navy Seals. If it were not for their superb training and marksmanship, this story could have had a very tragic ending. The other hero of this story is Captain Richard Phillips. He was ready and willing to sacrifice himself if need be for the sake of his crew. These are the true patriots that we should be thankful for. It is this spirit that has made and kept this country free.
God bless them...