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26 September, 2010

The Crotch Salute...

I get e-mails all the time from those that are angry with Bammer for either not saluting the flag, not having a flag behind him when he speaks, not wearing a flag lapel pin, not returning a salute from a soldier, and other various faux-pas that he commits regularly.
Personally, I say, "So what do you expect??" Really, I would be surprised when and if he does any of these things. Actually, I will go as far as to say that I am offended when he does any of these things...But, you say, he is our president and these courtesies are part of his protocol.
Not this guy. Remember, he is the one who has more respect for the leaders of the Muslim nations than for his own. He who will bow to Muslim and Communist country leaders will only have courtesy for our own troops if the cameras are rolling, and then not always.
This Marxist traitor is not even worthy to shine the shoes of a buck Private. It would be more offensive to me if he did salute the flag and our troops, so go ahead BO, you have demonstrated your true colors since you started this gig, don't stop now, it is a constant reminder to all of us of who you really are so that we will not forget in 2012.-TI

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