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10 November, 2010

So what do you expect for 200 Billion bucks? A trip to Disney World???

This is an article from India Today, evidently they are as impressed with his little vacation as we are. I wonder how he is planning to endear himself to the hearts of the Indian people when he so arrogantly swoops in for a little visit and totally disrupts their lives and livelihoods. I'll bet they are REALLY impressed.
At least they should be thankful they're not paying for it.

BTW, hasn't he ever heard of Skype?-TI

New Delhi, November 10, 2010
Updated 15:12 IST


EVENT: Visits the 26/11 memorial at Taj Hotel
OUTCOME: Fails to mention Pak role in Mumbai attacks

EVENT: Meets entrepreneurs and CEOs and gives a speech at the US-India Business Council
OUTCOME: Secures deals worth $10 billion and prospect of nearly 54,000 jobs in the US. Fails to address the outsourcing issue

EVENT: Visits the Gandhi museum in Mani Bhawan
SIGNIFICANCE: Personal homage to Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, whom Obama calls his idols


EVENT: Visits a local school to celebrate Diwali
OUTCOME: PR exercise that gives First Lady Michelle Obama a chance to shake a leg with the kids

EVENT: Interacts with select students from six Mumbai colleges at the St Xavier's College
OUTCOME: Trips on question by a student on Pakistan and is left defending his government's foreign policy

EVENT: Visits an exhibition on agriculture and later connects with Ajmer villagers through videoconferencing
OUTCOME: Precursor to his emphasis on agricultural cooperation at the speech in Parliament

EVENT: Visits Humayun's Tomb
SIGNIFICANCE: Breaks away from the tradition of heads of state heading to the Taj Mahal

EVENT: Dinner at PM Manmohan Singh's house
OUTCOME: Emphasises Obama's personal rapport with the PM


EVENT: Reception at Rashtrapati Bhavan
SIGNIFICANCE: Ceremonial visit

EVENT: Visits Rajghat to pay his tribute to the Mahatma
SIGNIFICANCE: Visiting foreign dignitary makes it a point to pay homage at Rajghat but it's a personal thing for Obama given his admiration for Gandhi

EVENT: Joint press conference with the PM
OUTCOME: Repeats what he said in the last two days except for a veiled offer to 'mediate' in Kashmir. Also talks about outsourcing

EVENT: Addresses the joint session of Parliament
OUTCOME: Offers a "nuanced" support for India's demand for a permanent seat at the UN Security Council and comes down heavily on Pakistan over terrorism

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