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25 January, 2011

Here we go again...

On and on...

"The NRA should change their name to the Assassin's Lobby, because that's what they are," Bill Maher

"Whether or not there's some measure there in terms of limiting the size of the magazine that you can buy to go with a semiautomatic weapon — we’ve had that in place before. Maybe it’s appropriate to re-establish that kind of thing, but I think you do have to be careful obviously," -Dick Cheney

"Hate speech and madness were part of the[the Tucson shooting] mix, but it was the gun and our insane gun laws that resulted in six deaths. Until we come to grips with that, as a nation, we remain armed and dangerous." -RICHARD COHEN, The Washington Post

"Yes, I expect to go forward [with new gun control legislation], and it's not a disagreement I have with many people in the Republican Party," -GOP leader, Richard King

"The assassination attempt on a U.S. congresswoman underscores the need for tougher gun control laws." -Philadelphia Tribune Editorial

...and on it goes.

Never let a good tragety go to waste. As can be expected, the Libs are attempting to use the senseless shootings in Arizona to make some political hay. First it was the "hatespeach" that they railed hatefully about and now as predicted it is a new try for gun control.
As anyone who knows the liberal mind can tell you logic and common sense do not prevail in their warped reasoning. It is all about emotion and "feelings...nothing more than feelings..."

Rather than reiterate the same old tired arguments for and against restricting our 2nd amendment rights, I'll just cut to the chase:

According to the FBI, the number of violent crimes of all types declined in 2009 by 5.3 percent and property crimes declined 4.6 percent. In fact, the rate of violent crime declined 6.1 percent below 2008 figures.

On the flip side, according to data from the FBI’s National Instant Background Check System (NICS), 2009 was the best year on record for gun sales. 14 million guns were sold in 2009, the biggest year since the system began recording data in 1998.

OK, now why is that??? Well, I'll tell you. Right after Bammer and his henchmen took over in '09 I worked part time for a local gun dealer for a while because they could NOT keep up with the amount of customers wanting to by guns after the elections.

Now wouldn't you think that people would be thinking,"Hmmm, these idiots that just came into power don't like me as a gun owner and they REALLY don't like my guns so...maybe since they will possibly be trying to take them away anyway I guess I'd better not buy any more."

I don't think so... actually what they were thinking was two-fold. One thought was,"I'd better get this AR-15 now while it's still 900 bucks and available so I can resell it later for 2000 bucks when we can't get them anymore." And the most prevalent thought was,"I'm going to buy this NOW while it's still available so that I can defend myself and my family after they turn me into an outlaw, because if they think that I'm going to turn this in just because they passed an unconstitutional law, they can kiss my ass."

Ya know...that's just the way Patriots think. I know, because I'm one. TI

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