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04 March, 2011

Hitler - Shmitler...

What is with this trend on BOTH sides of our political debate of painting a toothbrush mustache on our opponent and calling them Hitler??? I don't get it.
There was and still isn't ANYONE in this day and age to compare with that maniac.

Is it that we just can't have an open and honest debate with those whom we disagree?

I guess it's just easier to make a sign.

I don't care how much you disagree with a person's point of view, to even remotely compare them to someone who slaughtered millions of people in an attempt to wipe out an entire race is ludicrous.

As I said, both sides are guilty. I think Obama is definitely a few fries short of a Happy Meal, but Hitler??? No.

It just goes to show you how weak our arguing skills have become. It's much easier to throw down insults without getting to the heart of the discussion. I really think that for many sheeple, they simply don't KNOW what the the issues even are. They just see someone they like carrying a sign and shouting, so they do it too. I WILL say however, that in my opinion, the left is far more inclined towards this than the right is. I love to see the interviews with people at the lefty rallies. More times than not it is those on the left that have their facts screwed up, or simply have no clue at all what they are talking about. They are simply riding that emotional liberal wave along with everyone else. Gotta love those libs.

I know that I use some name calling myself, but it isn't my ONLY weapon. I try to do my homework and stay informed so that when I call these liberal idiots names, I know WHY I'm doing it.

And while I will not resort to comparing Bammer to Hitler, I will say that he closely resembles:


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