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18 March, 2011

The makings of a fine wreck...

On September 15, 1896, more than 40,000 people flocked to a spot just north of Waco Texas to witness one of the most spectacular publicity stunts of the nineteenth century-a planned train wreck.

When was the last time you were caught in a traffic jam because of an accident up ahead? You were probably thinking that it's down from 4 lanes to 1 and that's why the hold-up. Come to find out when you get there it's still 4 lanes, but everyone's slowed down to see the wreckage.

Could that be why Charlie Sheen has sold out Radio City Music Hall...twice?

I wasn't even going to blog about the drug-crazed rantings of this lunatic at all up till now. I mean, if this screwball wants to torpedo his life so what?? Then I find out that he has not only sold out RCMH, but venues in 4 other major cities as well.

I have a couple of things that I'm confused about. The first is, what is he going to do in front of all those people? He's not a musician, he doesn't do stand-up comedy, no magic acts, as far as I know he doesn't dance, so...what's he gonna do?? My guess is that he is going to sit on a stool with wild hair and a crazed look in his eye and rant.

My second question is, why would anyone pay these huge ticket prices to see it? Are they as nuts as he is? Is this really what we've come to? This guy should be in rehab in a padded room chained to the wall, and instead he is going to make a few million more dollars just to babble on and on about how rough his life is among all the drugs, booze and porn stars. Do these people have no life? Is that why they're trying to live vicariously through this knucklehead? Or are they just curious to hear what this drug-crazed burn-out is going to say next?

I guess all I can say is, go ahead and buy a ticket if you want to. Me, I'll just drive over to Chicago and cruise the Dan Ryan expressway. At least there while I'm sitting and waiting to pass the next wreck, I can listen to the radio. ti

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