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05 May, 2011


I'm back! Did ya miss me???

I had to take a bit of a break due to trying to survive. Two jobs and refurbishing my garage have taken just about all of my free time these last few weeks, but it's good to be back.

I HAD to come back if for no other reason then to say to Seal team 6, "GOOD SHOT!" I have found it humorous these past few days as I've listened to the news reports about blowing BL's head off.

PICS or NO PICS: I say, "Who cares?" I don't... Lt. Col. Oliver North said that releasing them would put our troops further into harm's way. I would say that if anyone would know, he would. I really don't need to see them, as far as I'm concerned, he's dead. Mission accomplished.

ARMED or UNARMED: Again I say, "Who cares?" Since we will probably never know for sure what all went on that night, we won't know if he was carrying a gun or not. As far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter. It was a justifiable shooting. The fact of the matter is that 10 years ago he was armed with three passenger planes and killed 3000 innocent civilians. He has also been either directly or indirectly responsible for those that have been killed in the war with Al-Qaeda. Also since he was on foreign soil, he was not protected by our Constitution, and millions of dollars were saved by not having to provide security, imprisonment, and a trial before we executed him anyway...in about 20 years.

INFORM PAKISTAN or NOT INFORM PAKISTAN about the raid: Are you serious??? Hell no! Sorry we had to trespass in your back yard...hope we didn't step on your flowers.

MUSLIM FUNERAL or NO MUSLIM FUNERAL: Personally I think what they did was a waste of time. He should have had the same respect shown to him as he and his co-animals have had with any of our POW or KIA soldiers that they have gotten a hold of. They should have gutted him and stuffed his carcass full of sausage before they fed him to the sharks.

As I listened to Bammer's self-serving speech after the raid, I wasn't surprised by how many times I heard the words, ME, I, MINE and other references to himself. It was quite apparent that someone on the White House staff had all they could do to keep him from grabbing an M4 and going over there to take BL out himself...single handedly...my hero...

Sooo...that's it. The man-hunt is over and we can all come home. They don't want us there anyway, so why are we wasting so much time, money and lives?? Let's get out of that flea-infested sand pile and concentrate on drilling for our own oil over here.

But...that's another blog. ti

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