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21 August, 2011

Another reason NOT to own a GM (Government Motors) vehicle...

You may want to review my 6/7/11 blog before you read this one, I'll wait...
You're back? Good.

So HERE is how GM is thanking it's customers (taxpayers) who bailed their asses out with a few Bil in stimulus money. WE WON'T COVER YOUR WARRANTY!! Sad but true.

Here's how it works, GM's UAW built a piece of crap Impala with known chassis problems in '07 and '08 and now refuses to fix them under warranty. Somehow, they feel that since the company was under the old regime pre-stimulus, they should not be responsible for their product under the post-stimulus new regime. Just because the customer has to replace the front tires every 6000 miles because of faulty spindle rods, that does not mean that the new blood-sucking leadership should have to fix it.

What happened to "Built with pride in America"? I mean, this sounds like something Toyota would pull. I guess as long as GM is taking our hard-earned tax money, and the UAW is drawing their bloated paychecks and pensions, and whining for more, they are happy. Screw the consumer...thanks for the bailout, now go away kid, ya bother me.

Ya know what GM? Screw YOU and the lazy union slackers that work for you. Keep your junk cars...I'll never buy one.

Remember, "Patriots don't let Patriots drive GM's." ti

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