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20 August, 2011

Congrats to Wisconsin gun owners!!!!

First of all...thanks for the e-mails wondering where I've been. It was a combination of things these past few weeks like, working over-time, exhaustion, not keeping up with current events, and even just being disgusted with what I WAS hearing that made me take a couple week break. Thanks for missing me.

Now on with the GREAT news! I read in my newest issue of American Rifleman (NRA member magazine) that after many years Wisconsin, on June 24 finally passed a Right to Carry law! This has been a long time coming and the gun owners in the Badger state have fought long and hard to win this victory.

Not surprisingly, the media is having a hissy fit over it predicting mayhem, shootouts in the streets and a return to the wild west days. They always do that and fortunately no one listens to them anymore.

According to the AR article, they quoted a Wausau Daily Herald article about an inn owner that stated,"that's what we have law enforcement for. If there's an issue, they're only a phone call away." Yeah...A police car can travel at 120 miles an hour. A bullet travels at 1100 feet per second. I'll stake my life on the bullet, thanks.

It seems that pro-gun legislators succeeded twice by a two-thirds majority to pass a CCW law only to have it vetoed by then Governor Jim Doyle. You've heard of him, he was the one with his lips firmly planted on the butts of the Wisconsin public worker union leaders. Now thanks to Scott Walker, a man with a heart AND a brain, it finally passed and became law.

Now, all eyes are on Illinois. Their anti-gun laws will be changing shortly against the will of their liberal state government. It will be fantastic to watch Governor Quinn, Rahm Emmanuel, as well as the rest of the libs ruling that state, as they are dragged kicking and screaming through the gates of freedom against their will. It will also be nice to know that I will no longer be a criminal in that state each time I cross the state line wearing my sidearm and that I won't be risking a shootout with police that will change my life for the worse or get me killed if they try to arrest me for exercising my God-given, Constitutional right to protect myself and family.

We are slowly gaining ground, inch by inch. The sad part of it is... it shouldn't have to be this difficult. ti

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