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03 August, 2011

You can ALWAYS trust a Muslim...to be a Muslim.

You MUST see this video. The subtitles are hard to see sometimes, but the crux of the story is that this Palestinian woman was severely burned at her home in Gaza (might we assume she was manufacturing explosives???) and was given permission to be treated in an Israeli hospital. Some time afterward, she disguises herself as pregnant and tries to get back into the same hospital with a bomb strapped to her. Her explosive device was found during a routine security check at Erez checkpoint.

Yes, she was going to blow up the SAME hospital and the SAME people that saved her life before.

I cannot figure out WHY for the life of me, that Obummer and his liberal minions think that it is Israel's obligation to make nice to these low-life animals (other than the fact that he is Muslim too). It seems that when they do make an effort, it is rewarded with treachery. ti

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Veelhelm said...

Yeah---saw this. I really believe she had no choice. Once she went to the Israelis she was going to die, either way.