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30 October, 2011

Oakland PD...You're all BUSTED!

A buddy sent this to me and as I was watching it I was laughing so hard the tears were flowing. I'll let you watch this and I'll comment afterward. Sorry about the F-bomb this guy drops, but him being so pissed off makes it even funnier:

I actually watched this a few times over and it got more hilarious each time!

I want to address this nut-job directly:
Hey moron! Let me know when you get to Oakland would you? I want to take some video of you attempting to arrest a couple hundred cops with one pair of handcuffs singlehandedly. Since you are the constitutional expert, may I suggest you bring your copy with you so that you can explain where they are going wrong while they're beating the crap out of you. If you browse through some of my past articles, you can tell I'm not a huge fan of most cops either. Too many abuse their authority on a consistent basis and walk around with a chip on their shoulder the size of a tree trunk...HOWEVER, I'm not about to arrest an entire department by myself... (at least not without a pocket full of plastic zip-ties.)

Also don't forget to read them their rights. You don't want them right back out on the street just because you screwed up the arrest procedure. THAT would be embarrassing. You should probably have about 100 or so taxicabs standing by to load these guys into. Loading them into squad cars won't work because you will be arresting all of the drivers. Another thing, don't get tangled up in all of the Tazer wires that will be attached to you. Those things could have a tendency to trip you up if your not careful. I know you have probably thought this all out already, but I'm just sayin'...

Good luck with your mission. Let me know how it works out for you and DEFINITELY post a follow-up YouTube when you get out of the hospital. I want to see what that pretty-boy face looks like after the swelling goes down.

My last bit of advice would be...GET A JOB, ya lazy-assed parasite! ti

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