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05 January, 2012

The Swedish solution? More laws!!

I just read an AP article that had me shaking my head in wonderment.

It seems that there has been a rash of gang-related murders over there lately and of course as you may imagine, everyone is very concerned. I would be too!

Here is en excerpt from the article that states their solution::
"In less than six weeks, five people have been shot dead in execution-style killings, prompting local police to ask for back-up from national investigators and for Malmo Mayor Ilmar Reepalu to call on the country's justice minister to [...wait for it...] implement tougher gun laws." You can read the entire article here.

Well...that's the governments solution, do you have a guess as to what the citizen's solution is?? I'll let you read it for yourself:
"In the light of the shootings, demonstrators will stage a protest against organized crime and illegal arms in Malmo on Friday. Some 4,800 people have so far signed up for participation."

A PROTEST??? What the hell are they protesting? The lack of personal protection from the cops? Do they want an armed bodyguard for every man, woman, and child? Maybe they are protesting the criminals who are running around shooting people? That should take care of it.  Once the bad guys see how pissed off everyone is THAT should make them behave, right? That would make them realize the guns they have are illegal and should be turned in at once. Either that or all the criminals will feel bad and register their weapons immediately so they won't get in trouble.

This is a perfect example of a society who is totally dependent on their government to provide their every need. They have been a socialist democracy for decades and are not used to taking care of themselves.

What they should be protesting are the strict gun laws they have now that do not allow them to defend themselves. Instead, they have turned into a flock of sheep that will huddle in the corner of the pen and Baaahh loudly until the sheepdogs come to their rescue...many times too late...the wolves have already helped themselves and are gone.

This is the socialist model that our president wants for this country, and unfortunately, we are headed in that direction. It is up to every Patriot to see that doesn't happen. ti

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